44 Virtual Icebreakers and Team-Building Activities to Try Immediately

Similar to in-person team building, virtual team-building activities can improve collaboration and communication while helping employees feel more connected. A rendezvous with a real-life hero working for a significant cause adds value to your Thanksgiving. To conclude this event full of joy on happy notes, a musician puts together a musical concert. Honor this festival with virtual thanksgiving office celebration ideas for employees via zoom thanksgiving activities and don’t miss out on the traditional festivities. Volunteering is a popular way to do some team building during the holiday season, but what if your team is all remote? There are options for completely virtual volunteer events now that you can take advantage of.

How do you host a fun Thanksgiving?

  1. Plan ahead of time and don't be shy asking for help. If you have a lot of guests, divvy up the dishes.
  2. Determine how many guests are attending and create a dinner table configuration that fosters conversation with everyone.
  3. Make or buy a beautiful centerpiece.

You need to designate a time and a place, let everyone in the office know well in advance, prepare equipment and supplies if necessary, like a projector or printed out questions, etc. For amusing food facts, take a look at the following Thanksgiving trivia questions that are all about food. Here, you’ll find 75 Thanksgiving trivia questions, organized in different categories based on the topic. She created a slideshow of random travel pictures, started a story, and then called on one of our teammates to follow up on what she had said, based on what picture was currently up.

PamsPartyPrintables Thanksgiving Escape Room Kit

Even if you aren’t all together, you can still enjoy a meal over zoom together during the workday. Consider sending everyone a gift card for a food delivery service and decide on a time to gather and enjoy a meal together. You can put out some general https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ conversation topics, like favorite Thanksgiving dinner food or funniest holiday story, so you encourage everyone to share and participate in the conversation. Plus, it’s always fun to get a free meal even if you’re eating it in front of the computer.

Check the list from the United Nations online volunteering page. There are opportunities to help with different projects and still work together as a team doing something for a nonprofit. This is one of the best virtual icebreakers for large meetings or virtual events – the more locations, the better the word cloud will look. Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving is a significant day of festivities in the global corporate world. You also help raise funds for an NGO by winning the games. We hope you’ll try one of these virtual icebreakers at your next online meeting.

Question 5: The Do-You-Know-About-Me Icebreaker

By taking it remotely, your employees will also get the benefit of seeing what their coworkers have laying around the house. Working remotely means our personal and work lives are more intertwined than ever. With an online photo stream, your employees have the chance to share personal photos of those closest to them and give each other a peek into their lives. You can also provide a virtual space for your employees to post updates about their progress, celebrate their personal accomplishments, and share resources with each other. To create your own virtual health and wellness challenges, set a fitness goal as a team — such as 90 days of movement — and give each member a way to track their progress online. Group challenges bring employees together and help them connect with shared goals.

Ask your employees to schedule virtual coffee breaks with each other. To help guide conversations, you could also provide a short list of ice-breaker-like questions to ask each other — especially if your team doesn’t know each other very well yet. A week or so later, follow up and ask them to create a headline for what you’ll be doing in 10 years. This virtual team-building activity in particular is also good for mission alignment and helps your employees think more innovatively. Virtual icebreakers are particularly useful for team meetings or training sessions where your participants don’t know each other well.

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Take a peek into what life was like for colonists and First Nations in the 1600s, and learn a little about the history of Thanksgiving. View a slideshow of family photos to feel closer to your loved ones while celebrating virtually. Ask each household to provide a handful of favorite photos to include that way everyone is sure to be included.

Instead of verbally asking your colleagues how they are at the start of your meeting (which often results in a half-baked ‘fine’, or ‘okay’ here and there), ask them to draw how they are. It’s much more fun and you’ll spark creativity among your colleagues. Use a ranking poll question, add as many options as you wish, and let your participants rank them. If your teammates are scattered around the world, kick off your meeting by sending a virtual hi to each one of them. Ask your team how they are in a different way this time – try it with a poll. These are great rapid-fire questions to energize your participants and kick start a conversation.

Riddle icebreakers

Reach out to our team to plan your next event, or start exploring our Virtual Holiday Party collection today. Winter themed bingo can support up to 1,000 guests for a price of $15 per person plus a fee of $1,000. These three icebreakers always get your team members in meeting mode. This activity requires you to give your team 5-10 minutes. Additionally, you will give them a heads up before your virtual meeting. They light up your team’s meeting and get your team in a “meeting mode.” They act like informational jokes that get your remote team talking in the video call.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

Then, the I-Am-Thankful-For challenge will be an ideal morale booster. Consider this icebreaker if you hold regular remote workers’ meetings. In an online group photo, encourage teammates to make crazy gestures, funny faces, and be creative, like bringing their pet. Their energizing nature further makes them ideal for starting a conversation. Also, they make remote discussions lively and encourage the members to be active.

If you haven’t done Mad Libs before, it’s a fill-in-the blank story that can lead to a pretty hilarious final product. By doing Mad Libs as an icebreaker, you can help your employees loosen up and connect. Before your meeting or training, come up with 5 to 10 questions for your employees to answer. These should be a mix of fun, random, and difficult questions.

Giving is in the name of the holiday, so incorporating it into your team-building event is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Schedule an event where your team can come together to give back. Contact a local homeless shelter or food bank to see if you can help prepare or serve a meal.

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In-person, there’s no completing a meeting without taking a group photo. Thus, take one while enjoying a virtual happy hour before starting or during the meeting to boost the team morale. Virtual team ice breakers can break down communication barriers, encourage creativity and collaboration while also decreasing feelings of isolation. Incorporate more laughter and philosophical thought into your virtual meetings to boost productivity, creativity and collaboration. Using Jukebot, your employees collaborate to build an office Spotify playlist. To get started, create a digital space where your employees can share their personal achievements and have their co-workers comment with supporting messages.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

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