A Video Game that Pays: Lessons Learned from Working Remotely

After all, what could be worse than having poor lighting in a Zoom call? While that may be a bit dramatic, a ring light is an easy way to help any remote worker look more professional on camera. I have returned to running marathons, take much better care of myself, and spend much more time with my loved ones.

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Prior to the pandemic, only 6% of employees primarily worked remotely. Below are just a few examples of jobs in the technology sector that can mean highly successful careers for enterprising people with degrees in English. Let’s delve into the myriad possibilities that social media offers for your remote https://remotemode.net/blog/ tech career advancement. How do companies protect their intellectual property right and invention rights with remote workforces? This guide walks you through all you need to know about IP and global employment. From setting goals to sourcing jobs, a passive income stream is possible to obtain.

Expert guide to working with remote contractors

Sign up for monday.com today and see why it’s the best platform for your remote team. Coffee shops and coworking spaces are also common virtual work hotspots. Some people manage to make the beach work, although sand and water are always worries. Remote offers an efficient employer of record solution that helps businesses hire employees across the world, quickly, reliably, and compliantly. PEOs handle outsourced payroll, benefits, taxes, and certain types of compliance documentation for businesses. PEOs handle day-to-day administrative tasks that might bog down an HR department and drive up costs.

remote work blog

An employer of record is an entity you can use to hire employees globally. Essentially, an EOR acts as your workers’ employer on paper while they work for you. Remote, for instance, provides EOR services in dozens of countries around the world. To curb overwork in a remote culture, leaders must take the initiative to take time off work publicly and encourage employees to follow suit. Even when it seems a project might need just a few other finishing touches, because, let’s face it — you can’t finish projects to perfection every day. Success, therefore, hinges on learning to break work into bits and stay consistent over a long timeline vs. banging away on your keyboard at midnight.

Move to a remote-first culture

That said, businesses and employees alike have seen plenty of benefits come from virtual work, from cost savings to productivity. Many plan on keeping things at least partially remote indefinitely. An EOR allows a business to employ legal, full-time workers in a different country, state, or province.

Although Problogger is popular among freelance writers as a job board, it has a blog. This blog aims to teach other bloggers how to blog, share their experiences, and promote blogging. So if you are also a mom https://remotemode.net/ who wants to build an online business, it is worth checking out. Twin Mommy is another work-from-home moms blog by Elna Cain, a successful freelance writer who shares online money-making tips with moms.

Essential virtual leadership skills that create a…

The Write life is a resource for remote freelancers and the writing community. It was started by Alexis Grant in 2013 and features eBooks, starting kits and channels to earn income when working remotely. Lisa is a home office expert, having written five books about working from home and tackling the remote lifestyle.

  • He now shares all his tips and tricks regarding remote work travel, stays, and productivity.
  • One of the interesting features I liked about this platform is that it offers a learning portal with free resources, tools, and education to achieve your work-from-home goals.
  • That can create challenges with maintaining a work-life balance, limiting distractions, and staying productive.
  • Since 2020, the most of the workforce has been working remotely against the backdrop of uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The best work-from-home blog spots are invaluable as they are filled with firsthand experiences of people working remotely.

Working across different time zones is common place in remote work. But then again, have you ever worked in an organization that has suffered from too few meetings? Any company, especially one that grows fast, is very fertile soil for unnecessary meetings to grow like weeds. Recently, @johnlqian wrote a short and nice blog post about how startups lose the spark as they scale.

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