Avoiding the Pitfalls of Holding a Board Meeting Online

With the spread of the virus forcing businesses to change their work habits remote work, virtual board meetings appear to remain in the future. Digital meetings allow attendees to be a part of the meeting without worrying about quarantine periods or travel restrictions. They also cut down on costs for flights and hotels.

Online meetings are simple to create and are becoming more common among mission-driven organizations who wish to keep their communication open despite the COVID-19 crisis. It is crucial to know the potential hazards of digital meetings to avoid them and ensure that your online board meetings are as effective as possible.

The software platform you use to host your virtual or hybrid meetings is of utmost importance. Select a platform which includes a Waiting Room function to safeguard your meeting from uninvited attendees and only allow attendees who are invited by the co-host of the meeting or host. Offer training to your board members so that they are familiar with the technology.

Encourage your board members to use a headset or speakerphone for the duration of the meeting and to declutter their home office so that it looks camera-ready and free of personal images and other distracting objects. Also remind them to sit in a chair instead of on the bed or on their couch, as this will help to look more professional and professional during the meeting. Encourage them to speak out at the beginning of the session so that everyone can hear and the meeting begins on a positive note.

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